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Northbrook Electrical Service & Repairs

Chicago Plumbing & Electric, which once was known as ADA Plumbing and Remi Electric, has been serving the Chicagoland area for nearly two decades. Over this time, we have helped countless families and businesses with their electrical problems and needs. At Chicago Plumbing & Electric, we provide a vast range of electrical services, electrical repairs, and electrical maintenance. It makes no difference if your home or business is suffering from electrical problems. At Chicago Plumbing & Electric, we serve both residential and commercial electrical customers. We are one of Chicago’s fully-licensed and insured electrical companies. Unlike other electric companies, Chicago Plumbing & Electric works side-by-side with our customers to ensure they are fully aware of their electrical problems, the solutions, and how it affects their budget. This ensures our customers are completely satisfied with their electrical solution. At Chicago Plumbing & Electric, we are constantly searching for new ways to save our customers time and money, when it comes to their electrical repairs. No matter if it’s a minor electrical problem or a major electrical installation, Chicago Plumbing & Electric is here to help. We have the electricians, knowledge, and professional electrical products to handle any possible electrical problem you may be suffering from. Simply call and explain your electrical problems. Our electricians will be able to provide you with the help you need. Recently, Chicago Plumbing & Electric has helped many Northbrook homeowners resolve their electrical problems. Our Northbrook customers were amazed with the amount of money we saved them on their electrical repair.

Northbrook Electrical Repair

Northbrook, Illinois is located on the northern edge of Cook County, roughly 23 miles north of downtown Chicago. Northbrook is an affluent village that is home to over 33,000 residents. The median family income in Northbrook is over $130,000 and only 1.2% of families are below the poverty line. Northbrook consists of approximately 12,200 separate households and nearly 10,000 distinct families. Given the affluence in the area, naturally businesses flock to Northbrook. In total, there are nearly 7,900 businesses in Northbrook alone. A vast range of businesses call Northbrook their home, ranging from small mom-and-pop boutique stores to large corporations. Each year, many of these businesses, as well as, Northbrook homeowners are in need of electrical repairs and maintenance. Luckily for them, Chicago Plumbing & Electric is just next door. Being located in Wheeling, Chicago Plumbing & Electric is only a short drive away if you need electrical assistance. We know Northbrook and we know Northbrook’s common electrical problems. Best of all, we know the most affordable way of solving them. Whether it’s for your home or business, Chicago Plumbing & Electric is here for you. Our electricians will solve everything for you.

Northbrook Certified Electricians

Chicago Plumbing & Electric not only provides our customers with professional electrical service, but we also provide them with professional-grade electrical products. Chicago Plumbing & Electric only employs the finest electricians. Each of our electricians is highly-qualified and licensed. Chicago Plumbing & Electric’s electricians are here to help you from beginning to help. We will help design, engineer, and install all your home or businesses future electrical projects. All you have to do is ask. Next time you have an electrical question, give Chicago Plumbing & Electric a call. We have the experience and electrical skills you can trust. Our expert electricians will make your electrical problems disappear!

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